In this lesson, you'll learn the model or framework for the tools and disciplines within EOS®

What You'll learn in this section

Key points, lessons and tools

The Discovery: How Gino Wickman discovered a repeatable, powerful recipe for helping entrepreneurial businesses deal with the chaos, complexity, and sometimes overwhelming change that goes along with running a business. 

The Model: Gino's discovery was that to the extent you can strengthen the Six Key Components™ of your business, then those 136 you are constantly juggling things just fall into place because they're symptoms of the root cause. 

Tools and Disciplines

  • The EOS Model® - A high level overview of the Six Key Components™
  • The Organizational Checkup - How strong are you in the Six Key Components? Test yourself (disclaimer - you'll get signed up for a mailing list with EOS Worldwide, from which you can opt out at any time). 

The Gist

In the previous lesson, I talked about the three pillars of emerging stronger - Vision, Traction, and Healthy.

Gino Wickman discovered that to the extent you can master the Six Key Components™ of your business, those 136 things you're constantly juggling just fall into place because they're just symptoms of the root cause. 

This lesson covers these Six Components at a high level.

watch Gino talk about the EOS Model®

The Context: Why?

Even during "normal" times, entrepreneurial leadership teams juggle 136 things simultaneously and sometimes struggle to keep a handle on everything that's going on in their business. Priorities get dropped. Work isn't done well or at all.
Gino's discovery took years to perfect. He pulled levers until one got the intended results (an elated business owner). The model and tools are a result of his efforts and are now being used in over 8,000 companies worldwide.

The Vision Component

FIrst, everyone on the leadership team is in 100% alignment on your vision - who you are, where you're going, and how you'll get there. You do this by agreeing on the answers to 8 simple questions. Then, you ensure that your vision is shared by all.

The People Component

You cannot achieve your vision without great people. Great people for any organization are the Right People who are in the Right Seats.

The Data Component

The Data component is about running your organization on good, hard data instead of the egos and opinions that often drive entrepreneurial decisions. The two tools are the Scorecard- 5-15 high levels numbers that help you to keep a pulse on your organization; and eventually one or more measurables for every employee.

The Issues Component

The Issues Component is simply about smoking out and solving all your issues forever and for the greater good of the organization. 100% strong is when everyone in the company feels good about bringing up and solving issues.

The Process Component

This is about doing things the right and best way every time. It creates consistency, scalability, makes things more manageable, and more fun.

The Traction Component

This is about bringing your Vision down to the ground and executing on that vision with accountability and real discipline.

Up Next: Right People in the Right Seats

Let's ensure that you can move forward with greater confidence by doing the simple, but hard work of having the right people for your organizations in the right seats that you need today (not pre-COVID). 
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