Making the parts into a whole

It all comes down to HOW you implement any system that determines the success of that system. See how we've done it with 8,000+ companies and follow the proven recipe.

Our  Proven Process 

Let's close this out with a video that shows you exactly how we implement the system with our clients. This is typically a two-year journey to get to 80% strong or better in all six Key Components™. 
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Strength Comes from Trust 

In the video, I talk about the need to create a culture based on Vulnerability-Based Trust. This concept is from Patrick Lencioni's popular book "The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team." (Highly recommended)
Trust is a RESULT
Trust happens as a result of consistency, accountability, and followthrough. Set and accomplishing Rocks, for example, builds trust.
Open, Honest, Vulnerable
If you can't be open, honest, and willing to admit when you're wrong, you can't build trust, and NO system, including EOS® will do you any good.

What Happens Next?

Take the Organizational Checkup

Your organization's journey to 100% strong starts by understanding your performance in each of the Six Key Components™ of your business. Use the Organizational Checkup to assess each component, and get a clear roadmap for improvement.
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Then, I'll walk your Leadership Team through the system

This is free - on me, via Zoom or in person (with masks). In 90 minutes, I'll walk you through the entire system and the major tools, focusing on those most important to you right now. 
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Or, just call if you have questions

Maybe you're anxious to get going on your own. No worries. Call me if  you've got any questions or would like help working through an issue. 
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Next: Resources

I'm opening my resource guide for you. You'll find links to download the EOS® Tools and a variety of experts that come highly recommended. 
ALSO on the Resources page: several videos from business owners using EOS® talk about their experiences and their favorite tools.
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