Getting the Right People in the right seats to do the right things at the right time

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Key points, lessons and tools

Strengthen the Data Component: By becoming stronger in the Data Component, you will have a better sense of where you are week-to-week in your business. You'll improve your ability to stay focused on the most important activities. And, perhaps most importantly, you dramatically improve your ability to surface and solve the real root issues that are getting in your way.

Rocks: Rocks are the most important things you need to get done in the next 90 days. Humans have a tremendous capacity for going down rabbit holes. Rocks are your best way to stay focused on the priorities and keep people from chasing every little "emergency."

Meeting Pulse: A common complaint is one of having too many meetings. Meeting frequency is important, but what ultimately drives these complaints is the lack of value people get from the meetings they have. The Level-10 Meeting™ solves that with a specific agenda that's repeated weekly and that focuses on solving issues, increasing accountability, and building trust. Learn how to have valuable, world-class meetings.

Issue Solving: Issues are everything. People issues, sales issues, pandemic issues - what they have in common is that they are all just issues to be solved. To the extent that everyone in the organization feels comfortable raising and solving issues as they arise, you will emerge faster and stronger from any pandemic, recession, or industry shift.

Tools and Disciplines

  • Scorecard: A high-level 13-week snapshot of the 5 to 15 most important numbers that will give you a full pulse on your organization.
  • Measurables: Ultimately, everyone in the organization will have at least one measurable that is a leading indicator of activity that builds to the Scorecard numbers
  • Rocks: 90-day highly-focused goals: The most important things you need to do in the next quarter.
  • The Level-10 Meeting™:  What I wish I knew about running a great meeting 30 years ago while managing a large organization.
  • IDS: The Issue Solving Track™: This is how you finally, once and for all, get those pesky issues off your back, especially if EVERYONE is solving issues as they arise (imagine...)
This video: learn how to create a Scorecard, build an issues list, create Rocks, and see the agenda for a Level-10 Meeting™

Building Traction

The word "execution" can have positive and negative connotations. In business we want people to "execute," but without clarity on what they're supposed to do, why, and when, we can only guess at the root cause of  "execution issues" when numbers are off.
Focus on Priorities
How do you know what's a priority? Strengthen the Vision and Data components and you'll be able to pinpoint your priorities.
Increase Accountability
You can increase accountability by strengthening the Issues, Process and Traction components. 

Why Traction First, Vision Second

Creating a long-term vision is fun, but if you don't have the right people in the right seats, an ability to accurately know where you are, and the tools to focus and execute on your top priorities, then that great vision will be a hallucination. 

To Emerge Stronger:

  1. Focus on your highest CURRENT priorities. What needs to get done now, this week, and in the next month to put you in the right place when the economy begins to recover?
  2. Solve your issues.  Ultimately, this is what's going to get you out of any recession the fastest, and is the best way to build a stronger, healthier team - if you're all working together to solve your biggest issues every single week. 
click to see a scorecard example

DATA: Did you have aGood Week or a bad week?

How do you know if you're on track to get your business back on track? Imagine that, in your social isolation, you only had 5 numbers to tell you how your business was faring and if you needed to make decisions or changes. At a glance, could you make those clear, level-headed decisions you need?

A Scorecard is used for the Leadership Team to keep a pulse on the organization. At some point, everyone will have a measurable that enables them to know exactly how they are contributing to the greater good.

Scorecard: 5 to 15 high-level numbers that give you an instant pulse on the organization and can tell you if you are on or off track.

Measurable: Everyone has 1-5 numbers that are leading indicators of performance, such as "Calls to clients" and can be tracked weekly.

read more about smart rocks here
What are Rocks?

Rocks are just priorities. Sometimes Rocks are connected to the Long-term Goals; sometimes you’re just solving an issue; and sometimes the most important thing for us or me to do is my job.


Leadership team Rocks are often, but not always strategic - what must get done to achieve your growth, revenue & profitability goals? As you roll EOS out into an organization, the further you go toward the front lines, the less strategic and more tactical Rocks become. Eventually, everyone should have at least one Rock.

ROCKS: Your list of priorities

Rocks are just priorities. Normally, we define 90-day goals, but during the COVID crisis, we're looking more to 6 to 9 week goals. These are simply the most important things that you as an organization must get done (1-5 priorities), and each individual must get done (1-5 goals each). The Leadership team MUST agree on the priorities for the company and for each leader. 

The key to writing great Rocks is to make them S.M.A.R.T.  That’s an acronym for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Write a Rock that misses even one of these key attributes, and you’ll be at great risk for not achieving it. 

More often than not, Rocks are too vague, too big, and can't be easily measured week-to--week. You should be able to break a Rock into measurable, short milestones.

The Level-10 Meeting™ How to LOVE Meetings

Really, it all comes together in the Level-10 meeting. This is where you review your data, your Rocks, your to-do's, hold each other accountable, and have honest-to-goodness healthy discussions that solve solve your biggest issues - every single week.
When everyone in your company is in some kind of Level-10 Meeting, you're able to smoke out and solve issues as they arise, and at the root. That's why you'll love your meetings. 
Watch - level-10 with ninety.io

SOLVED!! Solve Your Issues

We spend the majority of our meeting time solving issues because it is the most important activity you can do every week. It keeps you focused on your priorities, removes any obstacles and barriers, and increases accountability.

When you're able to openly discuss and resolve issues, you will become a healthier organization that just has more fun every day. 
view: the 10 commandments of issue solving

Next: Agree on your vision

Traction first, Vision second. Next, we'll answer the 8 Questions on your Vision/Traction Organizer™ (V/TO™). We've already looked at your Core Values, so we'll finish up the list.
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