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A simple 3-Step System for Team Goal Alignment to Hit Your Company Targets.



If you've missed your revenue, production, sales, quality or other targets, COVID-19 has certainly been a factor. That can't be an excuse going forward, so now is the perfect time to use a simple system that will help you improve your AIM when going for your new targets. 

AIM is a simple 3-step system that aligns individual actions and goals with your company targets.. 
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Get leadership team 100% aligned with your targets, priorities, and the tactical goals needed to hit those targets.


Initiate the actions that lead to your targets by translating company goals and priorities into team or department goals.


Move and accelerate toward your targets by ensuring employee actions align with and support the team and business goals and targets. 

"It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome."

William James

Born of experience...
And frustration

30+ years of working closely with countless companies and teams to help them set and achieve goals has led me to the understanding that there generally just two root causes of failure:
Lack of Clarity
Goals aren't clear or are too complex to translate into specific actions with clear metrics.
Lack of Alignment
People can't agree on priorities and team goals don't align with company objectives.

Where priorities Go to Die

Targets, priorities, and subsequently your goals can quickly run aground in one of these three areas:

First, with the company leaders

The owner/CEO sets revenue or sales targets, but there is not 100% agreement on clear, actionable, cross-functional goals that can translate into tactical marching orders for each team. This is what I refer to as a lack of ALIGNMENT.

Second, with managers

Each manager has their own priorities, set ways of doing things, and every-day problems that can conflict with or inhibit the execution of the company's priorities. They fail to INITIATE company goals or initiate without igniting real, accountable action.

Third, on the ground

Conflicting or unclear priorities, poor metrics, a lack of accountability, and no understanding of the big picture leaves important things undone and has people going in opposite directions. This inhibits MOVEMENT toward the company goals. 

"It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome."

William James

The AIM System

A simple 3-step system for systematizing what we already know we should be doing, but don't because we're too busy with everything else.


Agree on what's not working and why. Then, agree on annual and quarterly company targets and get 100% alignment from all leaders on a few cross-functional, measurable annual and quarterly goals, along with the appropriate metrics. Each leader agrees on their team's roles, priorities and obligations required to achieve goals and hit targets. 
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Managers learn a few simple tricks and tools that will enable them to better lead, inspire, and incite their teams to achieve the company and team goals. They then refine, adapt, and translate the company goals into tactical plans (with metrics), split into quarterly segments, that can be easily monitored and adjusted along the way. They are initiating the actions that will direct teams to hit the company targets. But, it doesn't end there...


True movement, or momentum, is achieved when the people responsible for making the sale, building the product, delivering the service, and managing the back end are fully engaged in taking relevant action every day in service of the company vision and objectives. This step is simple, but not easy (like sticking to an exercise regimen). Regular, highly structured meetings reinforces and instills new habits, ensures accountability, and solves any cross-functional issues as they arise.

Sid Smith

I've worn many hats over my 40+ years in business, but for the most part my career has involved some teaching, some facilitation, and a ton of hand-holding. I've been a technical consultant, project manager, CIO, and business owner. My more recent experience as a Professional EOSĀ© Implementer (now retired from that work) taught me the true value of clarity, alignment, simplicity, and creating a cohesive, fully aligned culture. I've converted a lifetime of experience into this simple process for hitting business targets.

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